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The Bay Slides are designed to send toddlers down gentle slopes that end in a secluded corner of the Surf pool.

Height restriction: 60” or under

Kids scramble up several steps tucked between faux-rock formations, where a lifeguard sits to supervise their slide into Blustery Bay.

The incline is small, but the thrill is great for young kids, who whoosh into the bay (sometimes into the arms of waiting parents).

These scaled-down versions of the Storm Slides are geared to kids shorter than 60 inches.


Kids really burn up energy going up the steps and down the slides repeatedly. Parents should be prepared for their wanting to ride over and over and over again....

It's a water slide specifically designed for young ones.  These beginner slides will send toddlers down a gentle slope that ends in a big splash.

Kids who aren't quite daring enough for the main slides can head to the Bay Slides near the wave pool for sized-down body slides.

The lifeguards are highly trained and qualified.  Please adhere to their instructions at all times.

  Bay Slides  
  Must be Ambulatory Supervise Children at all times