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Keelhaul Falls  

Keelhaul Falls is an invigorating, inner tube ride for big kids, teens and adults at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

Get carried away aboard these four-person giant inner tubes for the whole family! Enjoy the view on your way down, but be on the look out for special water effects and rock formations.

Whoosh through caverns dripping with water on this crazy curvy course, and laugh your rafts off!

Take your pick - Gang Plank Falls, Keelhaul Falls, Mayday Falls - all very creative ways to get the whole gang from top to bottom in as many different ways, at as many different angles and with the maximum amount of splashes as humanly possible!

If you climb up Mt. Mayday for this ride, you'll go down in four-person, 6-1/2-ft inner tubes that descend crazily through 300-ft of rapids.

Families can ride together on this incredible white–water rafting adventure on the slopes of Mount Mayday.

Keelhaul Falls   Keelhaul Falls (c) Disney
Must be Ambulatory Supervise Children at all times