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Melt-Away Bay


Take a dip in the gently bobbing waters of this bay that is fed by the melting snow run-off from Mount Gushmore. The expansive one-acre pool is great for those who want to wade in and just get their feet wet or take an invigorating swim.

Pounding waterfalls make a great retreat when you really need a refreshing plunge.

If you're not into rides or are looking for some peaceful time, bring a change of clothes and some snacks and melt away the day.

The park's main bobbing wave pool is a 1-acre oasis that's constantly fed by "melting snow" waterfalls. The man-made waves are positively oceanlike.

If you're not a strong swimmer, stay away from the far end of the pool, where the waves originate. You can get temporarily stuck in a pocket even if your head is still above water.

  Melt-Away Bay   Melt-Away Bay  
  Must transfer to standard wheelchair Supervise Children at all times