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Take your choice of three incredible inner tube rides that careen down the hill into a refreshing plunge pool. Each flume is different, so try all three! One is completely enclosed, while the others are open. All three twist and turn on tantalizing water-logged journeys down the banks of Mount Gushmore. It gushes with fun!

You have to steel your nerves to climb into an inner tube for these three twisting, turning flumes -- even one that's in the dark. But once you're in, it's way more fun than scary.

Another tube job, this one lets you careen down any of three twisting-turning runs, one of which sends you through darkness.

Twist and turn on a one or two-person inner tube for a thrilling 600-foot ride down Mount Gushmore into a refreshing plunge pool. Choose from one of three different flumes (one of which is completely enclosed!).

Runoff Rapids is located at the far end of Disney's Blizzard Beach – near Downhill Double Dipper.

  Runoff Rapids   Runoff Rapids  
  Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV Supervise Children at all times