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  Ski Patrol Training Camp  

Make a real splash at this training camp play area, designed especially for pre-teens. Swoosh down inner-tube slides, slide hanging from a T-bar, whisk down curvy slides and take a challenging ice-flow walk across floating icebergs.

It's the coolest fun on the mountain!

Designed for 'tweens and teens, it features a rope swing, a T-bar drop over water, slides and a challenging ice-floe walk along slippery floating icebergs.

The preteens in your crowd may want to spend most of their time on the T-bar drop, bungee-cord slides, and culvert slides here. In addition, there's a chance to take on Mogul Mania, a wide-open area where you can jump from one slippery mogul to the next. The moguls really look more like baby icebergs bobbing in a swimming pool.

Highlights of Ski Patrol Training Camp include Cool Runnings, Pipe Springs, Thin Ice Training Course and Ski Patrol Shelter. Ski Patrol Training Camp is located at the base of Mount Gushmore – between the Chairlift and Teamboat Springs.

This is a special area of Blizzard Beach for kids age 5-11 who are too big for the kiddy stuff, but aren't ready for the intense slides. There's a pool with white blocks like pieces of a broken ice skating rink that the kids walk on. There's also a smaller pool, slide, and a short rock climbing wall.

This area is specially designed for younger children up to the ages of nine or ten, and features slides and various equipment.

Ostensibly, this area is intended to be a training facility for potential ski patrol members.

  Ski Patrol Training Camp sign   Ski Patrol Training Camp  
  Ski Patrol Training Camp   Ski Patrol Training Camp  
  Must transfer to standard wheelchair Supervise Children at all times