In this article, we are going to discuss online health, define it, look at how one can use online pharmacies, and finally have a list of licensed online pharmacies.

What Is Online Health?

Evolution is the mother of change, and everything is susceptible to it, even the most important industry, the medical industry. In evolution, risks and rewards are a common phenomenon because these two walk hand in hand. The online health industry is still under evolution, but we have recorded remarkable results for those who have already tried it out. Online health pharmacies are websites on the internet where one can visit to receive medical advice, Prescription drugs, and other medical services like family planning. Here one receives medicinal services at the comfort of his home, with just a click of a button.

How to Use Online Pharmacies

As I had earlier stated, buying drugs on the internet is risky; the drugs can be dangerous, even deadly, not forgetting that they can be good too. Therefore, one must learn how to buy prescription drugs safely on the internet. It is recommended to buy drugs from a licensed online pharmacy. Some rogue pharmacists can sell drugs that can harm rather than heal. A legal internet pharmacy should have a physical address and telephone number. It must also be holding a license in the state of operation with at least one state-licensed pharmacist officer that can offer doctors prescriptions on drugs sold to patients.

In the next section, we are going to look at a list of trusted and licensed online pharmacies in Kenya.

  1. Goodlife

In Kenya, Goodlife pharmacy tops among the most trusted online chemist. It sells products ranging from vitamins and supplements to health care family planning and make-ups.

  1. Dawa

This pharmacy is operated by MyDawa pharmaceuticals. It offers an array of high-quality medicinal products at affordable prices.

  1. Livia Dawa

Livia Dawa is an app store that has specialized in selling medicinal products. You can use this app to order prescription drugs, and they will be safely delivered to your convenient place.

There are many more trusted and licensed online pharmacists, it is now your duty to find out a pharmacy that will satisfy you on price, location of operation, and services offered.

However, as much as online pharmacies have improved medical services to a large number of internet users; risks are unavoidable in such industries. Let us look at some of the dangers of online pharmacies.

Dangers Associated with Online Pharmacies

Buyers need to be aware that online drugs and advice might promise solutions but cause harm instead. There are many unqualified and unscrupulous pharmacists feeding patients with bogus. 

Pieces of advice and dangerous drugs to make profits only. The most affected group is the one looking for nutritional advice. Currently, many people have obese due to the kind of foods we eat. This means that most people are desperately looking for an easy way to lose weight. Doctors have declared all information on the internet about weight loss to be 80% false. Most writings and blogs on the internet advise people to use supplements to lose weight, but the truth is that the side effects of using the supplements surpass the actual aim to one’s health.


As much as computers have tried to replace the services of a doctor, it is clear that the bits of advice and drugs are given might help or not, especially in serious cases. Remember to visit your doctor when the condition worsens, or just to be sure of what you are taking as drugs.